Watershipdown.org is no longer online

Yes, if you've come to this page either from a search, or from a link looking for a website on Watership Down, then I am afraid to say it is no longer online. The purpose of this page though is to provide a bit of an explanation, rather than leaving everyone pondering over things. The original site at watershipdown.org was produced by Edamoth some 7 or so years ago now back in 1999. This is the same Edamoth well known for his administration of the Watership Down Discussion Group on Yahoo now. At the time it was one of the biggest and most popular sources of all information upon the famous book by Richard Adams.

Sadly due to a combination of problems, some with hosting and some with just general real life pressures, the site dropped offline sometime around 2001. Originally the domain was still renewed up to 2004, with the intention of being put back online as soon as the time was available. Alas, this never happened though, and at the start of 2004 the domain slipped in to being openly available once more.

Which is where I come in, me being Entei-rah. Basically given that a good number of the Watership sites on the internet haven't been updated in a long time and thus still link to this site, I did not want to risk either allowing the domain to fall into the hands of domain collectors who would use it to make profit (as has happened with other famous Watership names I wont mention), or worse to risk falling into the hands of adult sites. With the amount of search engines and links still pointing here, such a result would be horribly detrimental to the image of the Watership Community as a whole.

So what *is* going to happen with this address? Well nothing much (indeed it's taken me 2 years of a blank domain to finally get just this simple announcement page up). To my mind this is and always will be the address for Edamoth's famous site, and if he ever reads this and wants to put his site back online some day he's more than welcome to email me too, and I'll gladly do so. In the meantime I thought it prudent to put at least an explanation of why the site is no longer here, as well as provide a few links which may be handy:-


- Explanation by Edamoth on the Yahoo Group, August 2002
- Cached Version of Original Website, courtesy of Archive.org



Email Addresses

One of the many services which was provided by the original website was the ability to register an email address of the form [email protected]'. Many apologies to all those people who lost their addresses when the site went offline, however I do plan to start up a new redirection service along similar lines. Basically if you want to have [email protected]' redirect email to a chosen address, register below and I'll get it added asap (it's a manually added thing to prevent abuse, so could take a few days =;)).

Chosen name: @watershipdown.org
Direct Mail to: Anti-Bot Technology: Please Enter the word "; srand((float) microtime() * 10000000); $wordlist = array("CLOCK", "TABLE", "DESK", "RABBIT", "HEDGEHOG", "CAT", "KITTY", "FOX", "TEABAG", "PLATE", "SCANNER", "MONITOR", "MUSIC", "PHONE", "CASE", "SPEAK", "BAGS", "EVIL", "GLASS", "PAPER", "FORK", "HAPPY", "SAD", "ENTEIRAH", "DISK", "FLUFFY", "PIZZA", "WOODEN", "METAL", "GRAVEL"); $word=$wordlist[array_rand($wordlist)]; echo $word." backwards.
"; echo "
"; ?>

There are unfortunately a list of excluded names, which constitute the majority of the original names on the system, or at least the ones that have shown up in the catchall system for the domain. These are as follows: -

mickey, dragon, 5er, washu, fiverrobbie, uglyboy, andy-belyayev, zaneelrah, brighteyes, liccy_beth, jaime, gapandaeguy, vixen, kawaiifiver, brj897, lyhyt, ranman, speedwell, joyce, stacy, silverweed, brighteyes12, chamomile, oliver-rah, hawkbit and elahrairah.

The reasons for these are twofold; first off I'd only want the address to go back to who originally had it as they may have signed certain important things up using it. True after 5 years, one would assume they've updated all records, but you never know! Secondly, and more of a problem, all the addresses are so heavily plagued by spam now that their use as a proper email address would be nigh on impossible. If you did used to have one of the addresses above and specifically want it back as a redirect, you'll have to send me an email about it with an explanation.



~ Entei-rah, March 2006 - 2008